A coalition of student organisations have come together to organise this national demonstration for free education & against cuts, fees and debt on Wednesday 19 November 2014.

Since the 2010 raise we have seen that fees have well and truly failed.  Our generation will never be able to pay back its student debt,  and many people are being cut out of Further Education and foundation courses due not just to fees but hidden course costs and the lack of a living grant.

Education for all is not just a right but an active social good.  Higher fees shut those out of education who can diversify the student body: our education and academic output suffers when education remains the realm of the privileged and the few.

For most of Europe, free education is not a pipe dream: look at Germany or Denmark.  With the general election around the corner, we must fight for it too.  See you in London on November 19.


The coalition of organisers includes:


The National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts – www.anticuts.com

Young Greens Logo - Vertical sans Tagline-01
The Young Greens – www.younggreens.org.uk

Student Assembly logo
The Student Assembly Against Austerity (the student wing of the People’s Assembly) – www.thestudentassembly.org.uk


This national student demonstration is supported by a growing number of organisations – to add your organisation to the list below please email [email protected]


  • NUS London
  • NUS Scotland
  • Student Broad Left
  • University of the Arts London SU
  • University of Strathclyde SU